Add Color To Your Garden With Annual Plants
The Best Bedding Plants For your Garden

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Add lots of color to your garden with Annual Plants! The bestbedding plants for your garden. Planting annuals into conatainers and garden beds adds spice to your garden for the summer.

Annual plants grow and bloom in a single year, as apposed to Perennials which will return each and every year after going dormant over the winter. (yes...some perennials only bloom every two years and yes, you can get some annuals to bloom a second year.)

Confusing isn't it?

It will be even more confusing when you view the video below as Pelargoniums usually called Geraniums are discussed...which I can manage to keep growing for years!

We know annual bedding plants as those bright flowers grown from flower seeds or seedlings that we put into hanging baskets or pots, or line our garden borders with. An annual container garden adds lots of great color to your patio or balcony. But which are the best and easiest annuals to grow?

annual plants

The ones that bloom profusely in summer, with bright color, and then wilt in fall and die in winter to be replaced completely again in spring time.

Baby's Breath, dianthus, pansy, petunias, lobelia, geraniums are famous examples of annual plants for your flower garden. They are the showmen, the bright colors, the fast bloomers and usually some of the easiest to grow.

But there are tips, tricks and advice we would want to share with you for planting annuals successfully, so we are constantly trying to add new articles from writers who know their plants.

Advice that will help you to plant annuals that will add lots of color to your garden.

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Why not make a start with this short video about growing pelagoniums...runs for only 2.43 mins and sound needs to be on--->

Now just choose, from the list below, the type of advice you are looking for,
and click and go...

1...How To Grow Flowers:
Planting annuals bring lots of summer color to your garden. Learn how to grow some easy to grow flowers.

2...Pansy Flowers:
Grow this cheerful easy-grow flower in your beds and containers. A great plant for all seasons!

3...The Primrose Flower::
The colorful primrose plants brighten up your pots and flower beds in the spring. Don't miss out on this reliable spring flower!

4...Geranium Care And Maintenance::
Gardening tips for growing Geraniums. This popular plant will flower all summer for you if you follow these tips!

Come back often because we are adding informative articles on a regular basis...and many more videos too!

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