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Growing Artichokes
As Architectural And Edible Plants

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Start growing Artichokes in mixed borders or the vegetable garden for their attractive appearance and edible flower buds. Here are some tips on how to grow artichokes.

Artichokes, also called Globe Artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables. I just love them boiled with a little bit of aioli to dip the leaves into. The Globe artichoke plant is also a very attractive ornamental plant with lovely grey foliage. I like to integrate them into my perennial or mixed borders. They make great focal points with their unusual leaves and flowers.

Globe artichokes are an unusual vegetable: you eat the immature flower of a thistle! You can also eat the young flower stalks and leaves.

The globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus) comes from the mediterranean. The Greeks and Romans have already been cultivating artichokes there.

How To Grow Artichokes

Soil: You need a warm, light soil for artichokes. Being a Mediterranian plant they dislike heavy soils that are wet in the winter.

Artichoke plants can be grown in hardiness zone 7 or above. Enrich the soil with plenty of good compost. Adding a thick layer of mulch to protect them from frost helps with growing artichokes in colder climates.

Feeding: Cynara cardunculus is a heavy feeder during the summer. Add some fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen during the growing season.

Propagation and Planting of Artichoke Plants

You can start artichokes from seed or take off side shoots from established plants. Plant them out in the spring about 3 feet apart.

I start off the seeds in individual small pots or cell trays in the polytunnel during late spring. Once they are big enough they get transfered into larger containers and grown on until they are ready for planting out. I find that the larger plants have a better chance of survial.

You might harvest only a few heads at the end of the first season. The plants are perennial and should produce for three to four years.

Artichoke Varieties

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Find a selection of Artichoke seeds here

The most popular variety is Green Globe which makes a lovely big, green artichoke. Other popular varieties are 'Violetta' or 'Purple Roscoff', a purple artichoke with a more spiny, elongated red head.

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