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Looking For House Plants Pictures?

Do you want to know what a certain house plant looks like? In our Indoor Plants Pictures Gallery we have collected spectacular photographs of indoor plants for you. These pictures might also give you ideas on how to arrange your favorite house plants.

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Indoor Plants Pictures

wandering jew plant

The Wandering Jew Plant is an attractive hanging house plant.

angel wing begonia

The Angel Wing Begonia has pretty foliage and flowers!

african violet plant

African Violets are one of the most popular flowering indoor plants. Learn how to grow African Violets here.

pink cyclamen

Cyclamen are charming little house plants that come in many different colors. Read up about cyclamen plant care here.

red poinsettia flower

Poinsettias are the most popular christmas plants all over the world. Check out this page about poinsettia care.

Indoor Bamboo Plant

Indoor Bamboo Plant

Photo courtesy of Ih tanG

phalaenopsis orchid flower

Indoor Orchid - Phalaenopsis Flower. Read up about Phalaenopsis orchid care here.

Photo courtesy of Ih tanG

red amaryllis flower

Amaryllis are wonderful colorful bulbs for growing indoors. Learn about Amaryllis care here.

Photo courtesy of gailf548

Philodendron house plant

Philodendron House Plant

Photo courtesy of gailf548

pink christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a great flowering indoor plant that shows off during the winter months.

Photo courtesy of gailf548

Peace Lily Flower

Peace Lily Flower - House Plant

Photo courtesy of algo

indoor garden

An Indoor Garden in Tokyo

Photo courtesy of Tsuya Tsuya Nemury

indoor garden fountain

An Indoor Garden with a fountain.

Photo courtesy of rorowe8

If you are interested in more detailed house plant care advice check out these books

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