Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas For Your Garden

Make your garden scary with spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations. Halloween decoration ideas for the garden, lawn or patio that will spook you!

Outdoor Halloween decorations add a bit of seasonal spice to you garden space. This is the one time of the year where you can go really crazy with funky and spooky Halloween decoration ideas.

Some people like it very spooky and growth...like bleeding body parts,hands with fingers missing, bones and skeletons...

Others prefer the milder versions of outdoor Halloween decor like lighted pumpkin heads, ghosts or giant spiders.

Spooky decorations of course are a must if you are planning to have a Halloween party. Kids particularly love this. They will be delighted to be part of decorating porches, patios and lawns with Halloween outdoor decorations.

You can choose from a wide range of inexpensive decor and start building up a collection that you grow from year to year. Check out Amazon for the best deals of outdoor Halloween decor.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

outdoor halloween decorations, outdoor halloween decor

Photo: Terry.Tyson

This nice arrangement of outdoor Halloween decor won't scare the kids away when they come around for trick or treating. The scarecrow and lit pumpkins are a pretty combination and create a warm feeling.

outdoor halloween decorations, outoor halloween decor picture

Photo: lumierefl

Patios and porches lend themselves for outdoor Halloween decor. This classy combination is of scarecrow and witch is completed with the spider cobweb. Humorous but very natural!

outdoor halloween decorations, outoor halloween decor picture

Photo: Beedle Um Bum

A spooky wedding. What an interesting Halloween decoration idea!

Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Inflatable Halloween decorations are great for lawns and larger garden areas. Some of them are quite big and showy so make sure you check the size before you buy.

There are loads of different styles and shapes of inflatable decoration on the market. They usually have lights and some even have sound effects or move. This makes them very eye-catching and looks really spooky at night!

These inflatable Halloween decorations are easily set up. They require some staking to keep them in place.

An air-pump blows up the inflatable. Lust close the zip and lug it in. Then enjoy your outdoor Halloween decor!

Tip: Keep the original box for storage. This will prevent damage to the inflatable and you get the maximum use out of it!

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