Pot Gardening
Container Gardening Ideas For Every Gardener

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Pot Gardening can be done in the smallest garden or balcony. Best Gardening Advice on Gardening Pots and Container Garden Design. How to grow plants in pots and popular container plants for you pot garden.

Pot Gardening can be done in the smallest spaces, on balconies, patios or roof top gardens. A huge variety of annual plants will give great color to your container garden. Or you could be growing vegetables in containers.. Lettuce, scallions, strawberries or salad leaves can easily in window boxes and gardening pots.

Or what about a container herb garden?

...and I never have enough space in my garden so I often resort to using pots: in my case, all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes!

Pots, boxes, crates, ceramic bowls, buckets, gourds, tufa rock, tins, old watering cans, wheelbarrows, vases and even an old boot!

Some containers are better than others of course, especially those that allow for water to run through, but gardens can be grown in the most amazing vessels. And there is a vast variety of gardening pots on the market: clay flower pots, plastic flower pots or the old-fashioned but always good looking terra cotta flower pot.

Pot Gardening

A great new addition to pot gardening is the self watering container. These gardening pots have a water reservoir at the bottom which makes them very useful in hot climates or if you are not able to water regularly. A self watering container can make your life a lot easier!

From miniature cactus gardens in a teacup to an acre of cucumbers in raised boxes...or as I saw on Television the other day, 27 old bath-tubs. (I think it was in Newfoundland, Canada!) There are container gardening ideas to suit every situation!

However you are planning to work your gardening magic, and with whatever container you have chosen, I am sure we can help.

We try to gather as much information as we can, written by writers who know what they are talking about. Sort of a select library of 'how-to' advice... and the library grows on a daily basis.

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Why not start with this short video with tips on using a Terra Cotta Flower Pot plus a couple of extra gardening tips thrown in...runs for 3.16 mins and sound should be on --->

Now just choose, from the list below, the type of advice you are looking for,
and click and go...

1...Growing Vegetables In Containers:
How to grow vegetables in containers. You don't need a big garden to do that!

2...Growing Tomatoes In Pots:
No vegetable garden? No problem - just grow your tomato plants in conatiners on your patio or balcony!

3...The Oleander Plant:
The romans already loved to grow oleander trees in containers! Add a medditerranian touch to your container garden with this beautiful plant.

4...Growing Roses In Containers:
Rose Bushes are great container plants. Grow them for non-stop summer color on your patio or balcony!

5...Growing Potatoes In Containers:
Grow your potatoes in pots and containers if you have no garden space...

6...Growing Herbs In Containers:
Enjoy delicious herbs from your container herbs garden just outside your door!

7...Conatiner Herb Garden:
Not sure which herbs to choose for your container herb garden? Have a look here and decide which herbs are right for you...

Come back often because we are adding informative articles on a regular basis...and many more videos too!

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