Unique Garden Decor
Garden Decorations And Ornaments For A Finishing Touch

Unique Garden Decor and ornaments will give your garden design the finishing touches. Decorative garden ornaments and fountains make your garden special and personal.

Unique garden decor makes your garden different and creates focal points. Garden and lawn ornaments are the finishing touch to a good garden design.

Carefully chosen decorative garden ornaments accentuate garden areas, patios or lawns and add an extra dimension to a garden area. They are like paintings on the walls of a nice house.

Seasonal garden decorations like outdoor Halloween decor can spice up your garden for a while.

Garden decorations can also be used to distract the focus from unflattering situations because they draw the eye away from not so nice sights.

Whether it is a small animal ornament, a garden statue or a fountain bird bath it has to be selected with the garden design and style in mind.

Lawn and garden ornaments have to suit and blend in with the style of the surrounding garden and house. An Italian style garden statue will look out of place in a contemporary style garden.

unique garden decor, garden statue and spheres

This lovely garden statue and the decorative spheres match the colors of the plants. A great combination of unique garden decor and plants! This is an art!

Photo: brewbooks

unique garden decor, garden chair with succulents

This natural combination of the chair with the succulents is again very well chosen. The colors match well and the rose flowers complete the picture. A delicate composition of forms and colors that enhances the beauty of the plants.

Photo: hortulus

Creating Focal Points With Decorative Garden Ornaments

A sculpture or water feature can for example be placed at the end of a garden path. This creates a great focal point and raw the visitor to this point.

Sundials, statues or bird baths are great objects for crossing pathways or open spaces. They also have a very charming effect if they are surrounded or partly hidden by plants.

Strategically placed garden benches can look very decorative and invite the visitor to sit down and enjoy the beauty of the garden. They should be placed in areas with a good view of a garden area or the surroundings.

unique garden decor, decorative garden fountain

Decorative garden water fountains have always been an important element in garden design. Water as a design element is used frequently in classic and temporary garden styles.

Photo: DominusVobiscum

Water features and fountains are very popular amongst garden designers and garden owners. They create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity that draws the viewer to rest and relax.

Badly selected lawn ornaments like old wheelbarrow, chimney pots or old tires and buckets don't necessarily enhance the look of a garden, in fact the garden might look better without them!

Choose your lawn and garden decorations carefully. It pays to put some thought into designs, colors and materials. And remember: sometimes less is more!

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