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        Where to Buy Orchids And Orchid Gardening Supplies Online

        Do you have to buy orchids in specialised shops or nurseries? Well...I would say it depends on what you want! If you are interested in something special and rare you should be looking for a specialised nursery that sells good quality orchids and can advise you on how to look after them.

        Essential Orchid Supplies

        But to be honest with you...I purchased Phalaenopsis orchids in the supermarket for very little money and they flowered for months! The modern cultivars are beautiful and easy to grow. 

        Here is what to look for if you want to buy orchids:

        - most of the flower buds should still be closed

        - the flower buds should not be shrivelled or dropping off. This can happen if the plants were not looked after well or got too cold on the transport.

        - the leaves should be shiny and clean

        Essential Orchid Gardening Supplies

        Orchids have different requirements for soil, planters or fertilizer than most other plants. That's why you need different supplies for growing orchids.

        They need special coarse soil that allows for a lot of air around the roots because orchids like e.g.  Phalaenopsis or Paphiodeliums  are epiphytic. That means that they don't have their roots in the soil and grow on top of other plants in their natural habitat. They also need special fertilizer and orchid planters depending on the type of orchid. Regular fertilizer is too strong for the delicate orchid roots and would burn them. 

        Orchid Gardening Supplies For Repotting

        Orchid Planters

        An orchid planter is different to regular plant pots. Orchid pots for epiphytic orchids like the moth orchids are clear and will let the light through. Vanda orchids like the wooden baskets which allow a lot of air around the roots. These type of orchid pots have to be hung up. They are also suitable for Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and other epiphytic orchid varieties. These orchid planters might need to be lined with coconut husk fibers or moss in between the slats to hold the orchid potting mix. These pots have a lovely natural appearance and allow plenty of air to circulate around the delicate roots.

        Orchid Soil

        The right orchid potting mix is essential for the success with these plants. The mixtures have to be coarse and allow a lot of air near the roots. It should not break down and compact too quickly. This can result in rotting roots and loss of the plant.

        A lot of the cheap orchid potting soils contain too many small parts, dust and dirt and are not worth their money. You are better off investing into a good quality potting soil that is blended by specialist suppliers for the different types of orchids. This will ensure that your orchids stay healthy and keep blooming for a long time.

        Orchid Fertilizer

        Orchid fertilizer is formulated differently compared to the regular plant foods available. The delicate roots of orchid plants require less strength. Fertilizer solutions that are too concentrated will damage the root systems. Look out for the right orchid food and use them at the correct concentration with every third watering. 

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