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    The Homestead Gardener Magazine December 2017

    What's In It

    The Homestead gardener Dec 2017

    - Tips & Techniques -
    Growing Lettuce In Bags Of Potting Soil
    - Heirloom, Hybrid, Open-Pollinated - A Guide -
    - Practical Permaculture -
    Planting Under Walnut Trees
    - Reader Question -
    Problems With Growing Parsley From Seed
    - The Guerrilla Gardening Guidebook-
    - Herb Guide -
    Oregano And Marjoram
    - Plants Respond To Salt Just Like Humans Respond To Pain -
    - December Gardening Tip -
    - Leaf Raking Alternatives -
    - House Plants -
    Poinsettia Care Tips
    - Why Apartment Dwellers Need Indoor Plants -
    - How Carbon Farming Can Help Solve Climate Change -
    - Healthy Eating Recipes -
    Easy Parmesan Kale Chips
    Paleo Sausage and Egg Muffins

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    screenshot Homestead Gardener Magazine

    December seems to be a month with little to do in the garden particularly if you live in an area where the ground is covered with a thick layer of snow. Thankfully this doesn't apply to us and on the finer days, we can spend a few hours in the garden.

    There are still leaves to be raked up...but what should you do with them? Dumping them seems an awful waste! Chris shows us his method of dealing with this useful byproduct of trees and shrubs. I am sure you will never dump leaves again after learning about their value!

    Winter time forces us gardeners to focus on plants we can keep indoors. One of them is nearly in every household for the Christmas season: a colorful Poinsettia! We have some tips for you to keep them flowering beyond Christmas.
    Houseplants have great benefits for our living environment. In this issue, you will learn why particularly in urban areas they are so important.

    Long winter nights lend themselves to planning and thinking about next years garden. Seed catalogs are a great inspiration and temptation for most of us. But what do all those terms mean...heirloom, hybrids, organic, open pollinated, GMO? The specialist at Bountifulgarden Seeds shed some light on these terms and which are best for your garden.

    So...grab a cup of tea, find a cozy place and enjoy reading!

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