The Homestead Gardener Magazine January 2018

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The Homestead Gardener Magazine January 2018

- Tips & Techniques -
Planning A Raised Bed Garden
Now That Christmas Is Over, What Are You Going To Do With Your Tree
- Practical Permaculture -
Urban Firepit
- Reader Question -
How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs On Succulent Plant
- The Guerrilla Gardening Guidebook-
- Herb Guide -
Britain's Amazing Trees
- January Gardening Tip -
- How To Grow -
Organic Herbs
- House Plants -
Cyclamen Care Tips
- Grow Your Own -
How Carbon Farming Can Help Solve Climate Change
- Healthy Eating Recipes -
Cauliflower Steaks with Pomegranate Sauce
Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

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January is probably not the busiest time in the garden if you live in the Northern hemisphere. But there are a few things you can do in the garden on frost free days.
This is an ideal time for planting bare-rooted plants. They are so much cheaper than potted plants and can, therefore, be planted in bulk if take advantage of that!

The rainy and snowy days of winter when you can't be out can be spent planning the new gardening season and maybe some new gardening projects. How about a raised bed garden? We share our experiences and tips with you in this first issue of 2018.
Another project for the coming season could be a fire pit for your backyard. They are really easy to build...and who doesn't like BBQs?

Water is an important element for gardens. Chris Condello shares his take on it in his 'Guerrilla Gardening' Series.

This time of the year forces us to focus more on indoor we have some tips on Cyclamen care for you to keep these cheerful little plants going for as long as possible.
We also had a question from one of our readers about a suspected fungal problem with a succulent plant. Turns out it is a mealybug infestation! We show you how to get rid of these pesky little creatures with organic methods!

So...grab a cup of tea, find a cozy place and enjoy reading!

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