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Tomato Varieties

Keeping Cats Out Of The Garden 

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Woodland Mimicry In The Garden

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Growing Lettuce From Seed

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Indoor Seedling Care

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From Seed To Tree

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African Violets

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How Urban Farmers Are Learning To Grow Food Without Soil Or Natural Light

Urban Farming In Detroit: Sowing Seeds Of Hope In The Motor City?

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Three Trillion Trees Live On Earth, But There Would Be Twice As Many Without Humans

- Healthy Eating Recipes -

Asparagus And Spinach Frittata

Vanilla Panna Cotta With Berry Sauce

Check out the March issue of the Homestead Gardener Magazine!
#digitalmagazine #gardeningtips #homesteading #gardening #growyourownfood #organicgardening

We had several weeks of really cold weather here in Ireland. This is very unusual for us. No real spring feeling yet! We started off a lot of seeds indoors now because even in our polytunnels it is still too cold for them.

The heat-loving plants like cucumbers and tomatoes will have to stay indoors until the weather is warm enough for them. In our March gardening tip, we share everything you need to know about seedling care indoors. This is vital if you want strong and healthy plants for planting out.

Have you made a decision yet on which tomato varieties to grow this year? If not we have a few pointers that might help you to choose the best tomato varieties for your garden and your needs.

Do you have problems with cats in your garden? As much as we love them they can be a real problem if they leave their smelly business behind in your lovely flower and vegetable beds. Sometimes every neighborhood cat seems to love your garden! Chris Condello shares his way of dealing with this problem without harming a cat!

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Check out the March issue of the Homestead Gardener Magazine!
#digitalmagazine #gardeningtips #homesteading #gardening #growyourownfood #organicgardening

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