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        The Homestead Gardener November 2017

        homestead gardener magazine cover Nov 2017

        When the temperatures change and nights get chilly deciduous trees and shrubs put on a colorful show before finally going bare for the winter. But...did you know what makes the leaves go so beautiful in the fall?

        Urban gardening has lots of challenges. One of them is at the very core of gardening: the soil! How can you make sure that the soil is not contaminated with poisonous substances that will be absorbed into plant tissue? Chris Condello is an expert on urban gardening and shares his experiences with us in this issue.

        If you want to be a successful veggie gardener you have to know the gardening seasons and growing cycles of your garden. These can vary a bit depending on your location and climate but they e.g. determine when you have to sow your veggies. Bountiful Gardens will shed some light on this important topic.

        Have you ever tried growing ginger? This root is not only delicious but also comes with a long list of health benefits. It has been in use by humanity for many centuries. It needs a warm climate though to thrive so many of us won't be able to grow this useful plant in their gardens. It can be easily grown in containers indoors though why not give it a go? All you need is a store bought ginger root...

        What's In It...

        screenshot homestead gardener mag

        The Guerrilla Gardening Guidebook: Soil Conditions by Chris Condello

        Grow Your Own: Carrots by Anja Koch

        Grow Your Own: Ginger by Anja Koch

        November Gardening Tip by

        Reader Question: Cyclamen Plant Problem

        Three Steps To Save Britain's Butterflies by Callum MacGregor

        All The Leaves Aren't Brown - The Amazing Story Of our Technicolour Autumn by Gregory Moore

        How The First Trees Grew So Tall With Hollow Cores - New Research by Christopher M. Berry

        Gardening Seasons by

        Practical Permaculture: Native Gardening In Urban Settings by Chris Condello

        Herb Guide: How To Grow Lemon Balm by Anja Koch

        House Plants: Amaryllis Care Tips by Anja Koch

        Healthy Cooking: Heirloom White Bean Salad With Celery, Fennel and Radishes

        Healthy Living: Matcha Cocktails

        screenshot HG mag

        Where To Get The Magazine

        Download the Homestead Gardener app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It's free!

        Open the app and tap on Issue 1. It's free to download. Enjoy!

        You can download the app here:

        homestead gardener app

        The 'Homestead Gardener' magazine is available through a free app you can download from the Apple AppStore (for iPhones and Ipads) or from GooglePlay (for android phones and tablets). It couldn't be any easier!
        Download the app (see instructions below) to your device.  Open the app and download the magazines from within the app. The first magazine is available for free so you can find out if this is for you.
        You can purchase individual issues (€ 3.99) or a subscription which is much better value.

        We offer the following subscriptions:
        3 months for € 10.99 (€ 3.66 per issue)
        6 months for € 19.99 (€ 3.33 per issue)
        12 months for € 36.99 (€ 3.08 per issue)

        What if you want to view it on your desktop?

        If you want don't want to use a mobile device you can read the magazine through the WebApp in your browser. You can also buy individual issues there.

        webapp homestead gardener magazine
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