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        Indoor House Plant Care
        How To Care For Common And
        Exotic House Plants

        House Plant Care Tips

        Indoor House Plant Care made easy! Learn about the care of flowering and foliage house plants and make your living space healthier and cosier with plants.

        I always loved house plants! Even as a child I had a collection of different plants in my bedroom ranging from spider plants, cacti to palm trees. I was always on the hunt for new cuttings or resuscitating plants that other people were getting rid of.

        I still keep many different varieties of house plants. One plant, a Beaucarnea I have for at least 20 years and it even moved with me from one country to another and from house to house. I nearly have a personal relationship with it.

        I will share some experiences and tips here with you.

        Flowering House Plants And Their Care

        Flowering plants are great for color and to brighten things up seasonally. Here is a selection of different plants with tips for their care and maintenance. Just click on the pictures...

        African Violets

        All time favorite!

        Cyclamen Plants

        A colorful Beauty!

        Amaryllis Bulbs

        Spectacular Flowers!

        Poinsettia Care

        Tips for Success

        Phalaenopsis Care

        Just Charming!

        Lady Slipper

        An exotic Orchid

        Do you like something more exotic?

        Orchids are real indoor plant gems. These plants with their exotic flowers are my personal favorites. Check out our orchid pages for suitable varieties and their care.

        Foliage House Plants

        Leafy plants are usually more suited to indirect light. Big leaves tend to burn in direct sunlight. Most of these plants have originated from shaded areas like forests. So don't keep them on a hot south-facing window sill.

        Wandering Jew

        Hanging Houseplant

        Pineapple Plant

        Great foliage!

        China Doll Plant

        Shiny Leaves..

        Begonia Plants

        Some flower too!

        Money Tree Care

        A nice succulent

        Indoor Plant Pics

        A picture gallery

        Benefits Of House Plants

        Indoor plants have lots of benefits. They make you feel more relaxed and optimistic. Studies have proven that house plants are able to reduce stress levels. Looking at green plants will make you feel calmer.

        Some house plants can be poisonous though. To keep pets and humans safe check out this page.

        The plants listed here are not toxic to animals or children.

        On top of that indoor plants improve the air quality. Through their foliage they are able to purify the air and remove toxins from household chemicals or paints. They also filter dust out of the air and increase humidity levels.

        So indoor plants are not only aesthetic, they are also beneficial to your health! Lots of good reasons to fill your home with house plants!

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