Low Maintenance Shrubs And Low Maintenance Flowers


I am currently landscaping my back garden. I have a small raised bed that benefits from sun from late morning to late evening. I was hoping you could give me names of some shrubs which would give us a splash of colour throughout different seasons and are low maintenence. Also some flowers that I could dot around it too.

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When planting a small area like a raised bed you want to be sure to choose shrubs and perennial flowers that are compact and not too vigorous.
Raised beds have the advantage of good drainage which can of course lead to a very dry soil in the summer. A thick layer of bark mulch will help to keep the moisture in the soil and to reduce maintenance. You will have to do less weeding and watering.

low maintenance shrubs

Low maintenance shrubs for raised beds and rock gardens

Lavender - Lavenders are small evergreen shrubs with aromatic foliage and purple flowers during the summer.

Cistus - small evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers in early summer.

Lithodora 'Heavenly Blue' - small creeping shrub with blue flowers in spring. Ideal for hanging over the edges of the bed.

Chaenomeles - Ornamental Quince. Small deciduous shrub with red flowers in the spring. Yellow fruits appear in the summer.

Creeping Rosemary - Rosmarinus prostatus. Another low growing shrub with pale blue flowers and aromatic foliage that is suitable for growing around the edges of the raised bed. Can be used as a herb.

Heathers - Ericas are available as summer or winter and spring flowering types. They add great color when nothing else blooms!

Erysimum 'Bowle's Mauve' - Shrubby Wallflower. Small evergreen shrub with loads of purple flowers over a long period from spring to late summer.

Low Maintenance Roses - Carpet Roses or Knockout Roses are disease-resistance and need very little care. These types of roses are very easy to care for and flower profusely.

Photo: Tundra Ice

Low maintenance flowers for raised beds and rockeries

low maintenance flowers
Aubretia - blue or purple flowers in spring. Great for trailing over walls ...

Mossy Saxifraga - Saxifraga x arendsii. Pink, red or white flowers in the spring over a mossy carpet of small leaves. Ideal for edges, crevices and in between stones.

Moss Phlox - Phlox subulata. Pink or blue flowers in the spring. Forms a creeping carpet with fine leaves. Ideal for edges and trailing over walls and stones.

Catmint - Nepeta for example the variety 'Six Hill's Giant'. Silvery, aromatic foliage and blue flowers in early summer.

Campanula - Campanula carpatica, C. poscharskyana. Creeping perennial with blue flowers in summer.

Aquilegia - available in several colors: blue, pink or mixed colors.

Carnations - available in pinks, red or white. Scented flowers all summer.

Planting bulbs like daffodils or tulips will add even more color in early spring.

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