7 Easy Perennial Garden Flowers For Coastal Gardens

These easy to grow flowers need little maintenance, add great color to your garden and of course grow year after year.  #gardeningtips #coastalgarden #gardening #flowergardening

Some Perennial Garden Flowers are very easy to grow and thrive well in seaside conditions.

These easy to grow flowers need little maintenance, add great color to your garden and of course grow year after year.

This selection of plants is wind and salt tolerant. Just give them a sunny spot with reasonably good soil and drainage. These easy perennials will provide color throughout the gardening season.

Try These 7 Perennial Garden Flowers For Your Seaside Garden

Anthemis E C Buxton

Anthemis 'E. C. Buxton'

This easy to grow flower has yellow daisy flowers from late spring until autumn. It grows 2-3 ft high and wide. Anthemis can be grown in flower beds or borders, on banks or slopes or in containers.

They form lovely mounds covered in yellow flowers over a long period. The finely cut foliage is evergreen.

Day Lily

Hemerocallis - Daylilies

Daylilies are one of the easiest flowering plants to grow. They come in many flower colors and sizes. Hemerocallis are available in red, orange, pink, purple, white or yellow. Some Hemerocallis have double flowers and mixed colors - very pretty!

They are excellent seaside perennials. Enjoy the beautiful flowers during the summer. This low maintenance flower grows up to 50-90 cm high depending on variety. The foliage is deciduous.


Kniphofias - Red Hot Pokers

Kniphofias are clump-forming, evergreen perennial garden flowers with a striking appearance. The tall flower spikes can have various colors from orange-red to yellow. There are also red or yellow varieties available. The yellow ones are my personal favorite!

The size of Kniphofias can vary dramatically depending on the variety. Some are compact and others grow into huge plants so do your homework when choosing a Red Hot Poker for your flower beds! The large varieties are great for banks, slopes or as a dramatic focal point but are not suitable for small flower beds.
Kniphofias are excellent plants for windy gardens.


Dierama pulcherrimum - Angel's Fishing Rod

This unusual plant has grass-like, evergreen foliage. The pink bell flowers appear on long weeping stems up to 1.5 m high.

This is a showy perennial for beds, borders, near ponds. The pretty flowers appear during the summer.


Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' - Black-eyed Suzan

This clump-forming perennial grows up to 1 m high. The foliage is deciduous. The colorful black-centered yellow daisy flowers appear in late summer and well into the autumn.

This is a great plant for flower beds and mixed borders.

Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lilies - Schitzostylis coccinea

Kaffir Lilies are superb late flowering perennials that will brighten up your garden in late autumn when little else is in bloom. They are available in bright red or pink colors. The grass-like foliage is evergreen. Height 60-100 cm.

This is also a great plant for seaside gardens. Include them in beds and borders or in containers.

Arum Lily

Zantedeschia aethiopica - Arum Lilies

These easy perennials have pure white trumpet-shaped flowers in spring and summer. They tolerate moist and wet soils and are suitable for the margins of ponds. The arrow-shaped leaves are dark green.

In cold areas, they might need protection from frost but in mild coastal areas they thrive and tolerate a lot of maritime exposure.

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