Easy Raised Bed Garden Plans for Growing Vegetables

Good raised bed garden plans don’t need to be difficult and complicated. Building raised beds is really easy. I will show you the basic plan of building a raised bed from timber.

We use these types of beds all the time and have built many like this. They are quick and easy to build.

The basic size is approximately 120cm (4 ft) in width. The length depends on the size boards that are available. We use mainly 240 cm (8 ft). Where we build the beds on gravel we used a height of 60 cm (2 ft). If you have good soil underneath 30 cm (1 ft) is sufficient.

If you are not buying pre-made raised bed kits you will need a saw, a measuring tape and a battery drill.

Easy To Build Raised Bed Garden Plans

Building Raised Beds Step By Step

The Basic Box System

Raised Bed

This is the basic module of our raised bed garden system. This is a simple and flexible system and allows you to install a vegetable garden that is very comfortable to work in.

building raised beds

Use a 2x4 or similar in each corner to screw the boards into. This is the easiest way to do it: align the two side boards on the ground. Then screw the 2x4's onto the side boards at about the distance of the thickness of the planks away from the end. Do that for both sides and then fit all four sides together.

filling the beds with manure and seaweed

Arrange the raised bed boxes the way you want and start filling them. We filled ours with a mixture of horse manure, old hay and seaweed gathered from the beach. We are lucky to live near the shore and plenty of this great stuff washes up after every storm!

If you have good topsoil you can use that mixed with other organic matter like compost to fill the beds.

We then topped this off with a layer of compost...and started growing lots of delicious veggies!

Basic Box Raised Bed Garden Plans

The basic box system can be arranged in many different ways. The way you will arrange them depends on your available space and personal preference. You keep in mind that you ideally want to design your vegetable garden so it is easy to work in it. Keep walking distances short and leave enough space to to bring a wheelbarrow through without getting stuck.

Materials Needed For One Basic Box

  • 4 cedar boards approx. 240 x 30 x 4 cm
  • 4 cedar boards approx. 120 x 30 x 4 cm
  • 4  4 x 4 x 60 cm of treated lumber
  • 4x70 mm wood screws

Regular softwood might be a lot cheaper and easier to get. If you opt for softwood treat the timber with a non-toxic wood preservative to increase the life span of your beds.

raised bed plans basic box

Grid Raised Bed Garden Plan

This example arranges the basic boxes can in a grid.

six raised beds

Arrange the boxes in U-shape and you get a very compact design that maximizes growing space.

U-Shaped Garden Bed

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