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We liken our Gardening Advice to well rotted compost...a must have for any serious gardener.

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Because, like you, I grow a variety of plants in my garden, I am always looking for information, ideas and gardening advice for how best to cultivate and nurture. I try to design, develop and cultivate the most pleasing outdoor space that I can.

Gardening is one of these hobbies where you are never finished learning...and although I am a gardener, landscape gardener and garden center owner for over 13 years now I always learn something every day when working in my garden.

I would like to share some of my knowledge and experience with you and accompany you on your path to a beautiful garden.

This website is full of useful and easy to understand gardening tips and advice on a wide range of gardening subjects...and it keeps growing.

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Our garden helper 'Little Miss Greenfingers' will help us with great helpful gardening tips...

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I have the same problems, you ask the same questions and you need the same sort of information and gardening advice.

Whether we are gardening in pots on a balcony or covering several acres with lawn, grasses and palm trees, knowledge of the subject is needed, in small manageable bite sized pieces we can use immediately.

I don't want an agricultural dissertation...whatever that is!...I want information that is to the point, quickly usable and easy for me to understand.

You asked for Gardening Advice...

...and that is why we gathered this collection of useful gardening information on all sorts of gardening topics.

We are growing come back and visit often...

Here's to an improved garden, with minimal effort.

...start digging!

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Enjoy gardening...

signature miss greenfingers to help you with your gardening challenges...

little miss greenfingers

...and it's also helpful to know your climate zone [U.S. only]:

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