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        Gardening For Climate

        Grow Smarter - Not Harder While Protecting The Climate

        Are you sick of waiting for politicians and governments to make the necessary changes that will help save the climate? I think it is time that each and every one of us starts to make a difference...and small changes and efforts can make a difference if millions of people do it! Starting in your own backyard seems like a drop in the ocean...but there are so many backyards and gardens! 

        If we all adopt gardening methods and techniques that will help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, produce our own food without chemicals and zero food miles and start composting to avoid methane production from landfills … we all can contribute to mitigating climate change before it is too late.

        Let's explore gardening advice & tips that will help save the climate!

        What To Do In The Garden Now

        Click on the images for more gardening advice:

        Do you want to do all that without toxic chemicals, without harming the environment, yourself and your family, neighbours, do I. And we do it here. We grow organic nutrient-dense vegetables, fruit and herbs for ourselves and for selling them to our loyal customers that value good food. We are trying to create a sustainable system that requires minimal inputs. This is, of course, a never-ending process of learning, observing, thinking and planning. Nature is as always our guide for developing our garden systems.

        How To Grow ....Anything!

        You can do all of that too. Big garden or just a small one...they can all produce an abundance of fruit and veg. Or beautiful flowers, shrubs, roses,....whatever you want to grow.

        As a gardener, you have to learn how to grow plants obviously. This seems to be unbelievably difficult and daunting for some people. But let me tell you it's not!!! Anybody can learn to garden and grow things. Just remember: plants are really similar to us. They need food and water and the right environment to thrive.

        It is your job as a gardener to create that environment with the right conditions like good soil, nutrients, water, sun or shade and a healthy ecosystem.

        Click on the images for gardening advice on how to grow these plants:

        Creating The Garden Of Your Dreams

        yellow Kniphofia

        A beautiful garden always starts with a vision and then a good plan. Planning your gardens means that you will have to analyze your wants and needs. A thorough planning process takes everything into account: the site, climate and soil conditions, your needs, maintenance, your gardening skill level, available time and so on. If needed you hire a good garden or permaculture designer for this. It might be money well spent!

        Developing a garden means creating a space you will love to spend time in. To create a space, you need structures like e.g. walls, hedges, footpaths all in the right place. These created spaces then are enhanced with features like ponds or water fountains, plants and flowers, decorative containers or garden art. A decorative garden can also include edible plants and vegetables if that is what you like.

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