Planting Herbs For A Basic Herb Garden
You can have a herb garden nearly anywhere!

You can have a Basic Herb Garden anywhere! There is room for a container herb garden on patios and balconies or inside on a window sill. Learn how to grow herbs in a mini herb garden or container garden.

Learn How To Grow Herbs

A basic herb garden can and should be included into any garden! There is always room for a mini herb garden on a kitchen window sill or for a container herb garden on a sunny patio. Many different types of herbs can be grown in gardening pots and window boxes. The advantage of this is that you always have them at hand and they are fresh and full of flavor!

Herbs have been used by humans since pre-historic times when it was noticed how animals changed their eating habits when something went wrong.

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Herb Plants have been used for culinary purposes, as healing agents and also as spiritual support.

The Sumarians show records of having used medicinal plants over 5000 years ago and the Egyptians (1000 years ago!)certainly used garlic, opium, mint, indigo and others.

Growing Herbs

Chinese medicinal books were made as early as 2700 BC during the Han dynasty, and the Greeks and Romans certainly made extensive use of plants for medicinal purposes.

Today, we see many examples of modern medicines that have a base in a lot of remedies: quinine, opium and aspirin for example...actually it's estimated that around 7000 compounds used in modern medicine come from plants!

And of course they look good in the garden...especially if you can pick them fresh and use them in your own cooking. Basil, garlic, parsley, thyme, chives, mint and rosemary are great garden herb plants and are all in my garden and can easily be in yours, especially as they are easy to grow in a simple pot. Growing herbs is not difficult! Good light, warmth and tender care and you have the basis for a gourmet feast! Start your herbs from seed and have a cheap supply of your favorite herbs!

Anybody can have a basic herb garden!

Find lots more great info here on herbs gardening and healthy green living!

We are assembling an array of information through articles and videos that will help you do this.

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Why not start with this short video (Three minutes and fifty seconds) showing you how to plan your first simple edible garden and planting herbs. Sound on and enjoy---

Now just choose, from the list below, the type of advice you are looking for,
and click and go...

1...Growing Herbs From Seeds:
Learn how to plant herbs from seeds. It is not as difficult as you might think and will provide you with lots of yummy herbs!

2...Growing Basil:
Do you want to grow the royal queen of herbs? Here is how!

3...Growing Parsley:
You can't be without parsley in your kitchen herb garden. Learn how to grow parsley, it's really easy!

4...Growing Ginger And Making Ginger Tea:
You can grow ginger roots in pots or in a sheltered garden and always have a supply of this fantastic spice at hand for a stomach soothing ginger tea!

5...How To Grow Ginger:
Step by step directions for growing ginger indoors or outdoors.

6...Growing Dill:
Grow this versatile culinary herb in your garden. It is so easy. Learn how to grow dill here.

7...Growing Rosemary Plants:
This is definitely one of my favourite herbs. If you like to cook Italian food you just can't be without it. Learn how to grow Rosemary!

8...Growing Thyme Plants:
Growing thyme plants is easy. All you need is a window box or hanging basket. An ideal and delicious herb for a mini herb garden.

9...Growing Oregano Herb And Marjoram:
Oregano is a great herb for Italian cooking and it is easy to grow. Add an Oregano plant to your herb garden!

10...Growing Chervil:
This is probably one of the lesser known herbs but it is worth growing! Check out how to grow chervil here...

11...Growing Cilantro:
Fresh corinander leaves are indispenseable for asian cooking. Learn how to grow cilantro with these gardening tips!

12...Garden Cress:
Garden Cress is easy and quick to grow. All you need is a bit of space on a window sill and you can enjoy this tasty little herb!

13...Growing Nasturtiums:
Grow some Nasturtium plants in your herb garden for flowers and as an edible culinary herb!

14...The Bay Leaf Plant:
Grow a Bay Leaf Tree in a container or your garden and enjoy the aromatic leaves for cooking!

15...Growing Chives:
Growing Chives is really easy and with these tips you can be harvesting Chives all year round! How to grow Chives ...even for beginners!

16...Growing Lemon Balm:
Grow some Lemon Balm on your patio and enjoy this lovely lemon scented herb!

17...Growing Lovage Herb:
Use the Lovage herb to flavour your soups and salads with its unique taste. Learn how to grow lovage here!

18...Growing Mint Herb:
A Mint plant should not be missing from your herb garden. Learn how to plant mint without having your basic herb garden taken over by mint herb...

19...Growing Sage Herb:
Grow a Sage bush in your herb garden and enjoy tasty leaves and beautiful flowers and foliage...

20...Growing Tarragon Herb:
Growing Tarragon herb is easy...check this page for tips on growing this tasty culinary herb!

21...Freezing Herbs:
Freezing herbs makes preserving them easy! Don't let your delicious herbs go to waste and preserve surplus herbs. Learn about freezing, drying and marinating herbs....

22...Container Herb Garden Plants:
Not all herbs are suitable for a conatiner herb garden. Here is a selection of culinary herbs suitable for growing in pots...

23...Gardening Tips For Growing Herbs In Pots:
All you need to know to grow lots of yummy herbs in your container herb garden!

24...Growing Organic Herbs
Tips and tricks on how to deal with pests and diseases on your herbs the natural way!

Gardening With Little Miss Greenfingers

Growing Culinary Herbs - Healthy & Delicious

growing culinary herbs
Are you interested in growing culinary herbs? Check out Little Miss Greenfingers Book on Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers! You will find loads of useful and easy to follow information that will make growing herbs a success for you. This book is available in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Smashwords. Download now and start growing herbs like a pro!

Come back often because we are adding informative articles on a regular basis...and many more videos too!

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