Essential Bonsai Garden Tools And Bonsai Products

Choosing Bonsai Garden Tools as a beginner is not easy. Which bonsai kit is the best value for money? Where to get the best Bonsai planters for your miniature tree. You can find our recommendations for bonsai supplies in our store.

Bonsai gardening requires the right bonsai tools and equipment. This is a very specialized form of gardening. Without the right bonsai garden tools, bonsai planters and things like wire and bonsai fertilizer you won't have much fun with these miniature trees.

But which are the tools you really need? Which bonsai tree pot is the right one for you to choose for your tree and where can you buy bonsai products?

We have selected a variety of bonsai products, bonsai tree kits and pots in our Astore. By buying from this page you will be purchasing from All purchases will be made through Amazons secure server.

Below the Astore you will find a list of essential bonsai garden tools and what to look out for.

Bonsai Garden Tools And Supplies

Even as a beginner you need the basic tools to trim and maintain your bonsai trees. It is definitely worth your while to invest into decent quality tools that won't rust or break after the second use. Nothing is more frustrating.

You might not need the most expensive Japanese tools as a beginner. Important is that the tools are sharp. You will need some bonsai cutting scissors in different sizes to be able to cut thinner or thicker branches. The big handles and the long lever of the bonsai scissors allow you to make the cuts with ease. The long cutting scissors are used for the more delicate jobs like cutting of tips, smaller branches or thinning out a dense crown.

A concave cutter is used to remove thicker branches. The concave cut will make sure that the tree will be able to heal the wound in a way that it won't stick out. Ideally the wound should not be seen after a few years.

We recommend the following bonsai tool sets. They are of good quality and offer excellent value for money. They are suitable for beginners that don't want to spend a fortune on their new hobby yet but also for the intermediate bonsai gardener.

Bonsai wire is used to bend branches and to correct the shape of the tree. You will need bonsai wire in various thicknesses and some pliers to cut and bend the wire.

A bonsai tree pot of course is a must. The shape of the bonsai planter will depend on the tree style.

Bonsai Fertilizer and Bonsai Compost - Like every other plants bonsai trees need to be fertilized regularly. This is best done with a suitable fertilizer that will make sure that the tree will receive all the nutrients they need for optimum growth. Be aware that you should not use fertilizer when the soil is very dried out. This can cause damage to the root system. You should also avoid over-feeding.

We also recommend these bonsai books for further reading. They will help you to grow the perfect bonsai tree. Growing these miniature trees is really an art and there is a lot to learn about the techniques of pruning and shaping these wonderful trees.

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