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        Container Flower Gardening Tips
        10 Perennial Plants For Pots

        How To Create A Flower Pot Garden With Perennial Plants

        Container flower gardening can be tedious and expensive because most of the popular flowers only grow for one season. And don't get me wrong....annuals like Petunias or Bizzy Lizzy are popular for good reasons. They provide great color over a long period if they are maintained well.
        But we also grow perennial flowers in our garden containers. They don't have to be replanted every year and with good care, they last for many years. And with the right choice, you can achieve great results and long-lasting color in your container garden with perennials.

        10 Easy Perennial Flowers For Container Gardening

        Container Flower Gardening Tips For Success

        • choose large containers for perennial flowers
        • water regularly
        • make sure that the pot has several drainage holes
        • feed regularly with an organic fertilizer
        • frost tender plants have to be over-wintered indoors or frost free
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        10 Perennial Plants For Containers

        Here are my top ten perennial plants for pots with lots of flowers that will grow again for years. No need to replant every year!


        Small Floribunda roses are a delight in pots and they look great on patios or near your front door. You can also grow standard roses in large containers. You need a sturdy and heavy container for these so they don't get knocked by the wind.
        Choose compact, disease-resistant rose varieties like e.g. Flower Carpets or Knockout roses.
        Use containers with a good depth to accommodate the taproot of rose plants.

        Container Gardening With Rose #containergardening #gardeningtips #roses #flowergardening #gardenideas

        Easy Elegance® Roses

        Do you need a healthy, trouble-free and easy to grow rose bush for your container garden?

        Easy Elegance® Roses come in many beautiful colors. They are compact, disease resistant and they flower non-stop all season long. They are ideal for larger pots and will perform for many years. A great addition for any container garden! They are available from Naturehills Nursery here.


        10 Flowering Perennials For Containers #gardeningtips #gardening #containergardening #flowergardening #flowers #gardenideas

        Lavender is a great plant for container flower gardening. Place the pot on a sunny patio for some nice scent of the foliage. The attractive purple flowers are also great for bees and pollinators. This little shrub is evergreen and looks great all year round. Cut them back after flowering to keep the bush compact.
        Important for lavender in pots: make sure that you use a free draining potting soil. The pot should have several drainage holes so your plant can never get waterlogged.

        Agapanthus - African Lily

        Agapanthus is a real stunner during July and August. The blue or white flowers can turn any container garden into something exotic. They are really easy to grow in pots but they are not frost-hardy and have to be over-wintered indoors if you live in a cold place. Choose compact cultivars for containers.

        Dahlia Bulbs

        Dahlias come in many beautiful colors and shapes. My favorites are the dark-leafed varieties. They really set off the colorful flowers! The tubers are not frost-hardy but you can lift the tubers in the fall and replant them in the spring.

        Alstroemeria - Peruvian Lily

        Go for compact cultivars for flower pot gardens. These perennial flowers come in many striking colors...cream, yellow, orange or red. They flower all summer long without much fuss. They can tolerate temperatures down to -5°C/23°F. If you live in a cold area they can be over-wintered in a dark place like a garage, attic or cool greenhouse.

        Erigeron karvinskianus - Mexican Fleabane

        This little perennial is a true delight for a container garden. They flower from late spring to fall. The little pinkish daisies appear in abundance. This trouble-free and hardy perennial is very useful for underplanting e.g. standard roses or on its own in smaller pots.

        10 Perennial Flowering Plants For Container Gardening #gardeningtips #gardening #containergardening #flowergardening #gardenideas

        Lily Bulbs

        Lillies are available in many colors and some of them have a heavenly scent. We prefer compact varieties for containers. You can combine them in one container with compact annuals like Alyssum, Lobelia or Violas.


        Use dwarf Fuchsia varieties for container flower gardening. Many beautiful varieties are available. 'Dollar Princess', 'Tom Thumb', 'Beacon' or 'Alice Hoffman' are popular and reliable varieties.
        Fuchsias can tolerate semi-shaded conditions quite well which makes them a really valuable flowering plant for container gardens in shaded spots. Protect them from severe frosts in cold areas.

        Pinks And Carnations

        Dianthus varieties are easy to grow in containers. Their rich perfume is wonderful for flower container gardens on patios or balconies. They flower all summer and are available in all colors from white, pink to red. Pinks are compact with shorter and smaller flowers. They are great for smaller pots or window-boxes.


        Hydrangeas are very showy in a container garden with their large flower heads. The compact types are suitable for container flower gardening. Grow them in shade in hot climates and water the containers well during the summer. Try e.g. Cityline® varieties or similar long flowering types.

        10 Perennial Flowering Plants For Container Gardening #gardeningtips #gardening #containergardening #flowergardening #gardenideas

        Cityline® Bigleaf Hydrangea

        A good plant for flower pot gardens provides long lasting color, is easy to grow and of compact habit.

        Cityline® Bigleaf Hydranges are just that! Their beautiful flowers seem to bloom forever changing color as they age. They come in many varieties and colors. They are available from Naturehills Nursery here.

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