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Finding The Best Ornamental Garden Trees For Your Garden

How to choose your Gardening Trees. Growing trees is not difficult but the right choice sometimes is! We help you to choose the perfect ornamental trees for your garden.

Garden Trees come in many sizes and shapes and many of our gardens are filled with trees of, often, very mixed ancestry.

Often we begin our gardening plan with trees in place and sometimes we plant our own.

They become the structure on which we plan our basic garden design considering such things as how much shade a particular tree casts, or how much the roots consume the surrounding moisture, or whether leaves or needles drop from the branches.

Choosing A Garden Tree

When choosing a tree for a garden we have to consider how large it will become. Semi-dwarf and dwarf varieties are great choices if your garden space is limited. These trees are often slower growing and keep a manageable size.

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A lot of trees will grow into sizeable specimens that will be too big for most gardens. Always check out the size your chosen tree will grow into. Make sure not to plant it too close to the house or other structures.

We should of course also consider the planting zone, the temperature and the soil conditions. Pick out a tree that is suitable for these circumstances.

Are we looking for visual shape, wind protection or fruit? Do you want a pretty one with nice flowers in the spring or an ornamental tree with nice foliage? Some native trees can provide a great habitat and food for birds and other wildlife...so there are a lot of things to consider before you making a choice.

Is it important for you that the tree is evergreen and keeps its foliage during the winter months? This is particularly important if you look for screening and privacy. Large conifers like Pine, Thuja or Junipers are a fine examplea for this pupose.

Trees can provide the backdrop and the structure to our outdoor space and as gardeners we need to arm ourselves with the knowledge and skills to make sure we get the most from our trees of choice.

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